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Weeklybeats 2016 was a 52 week long music project in which artists composed and publicly released 1 song a week for the entire year. Enjoy this archive of over 3,700 music compositions by over 260 artists.
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“All lines are currently busy”

By BTS on April 10, 2016 5:59 pm

I have been getting a lot of un-solicited calls on my cell phone the last couple of weeks, so it gave me an idea of what to do for this week’s track.  I used a dice (a D12, in this case) to determine how many Phone numbers I would use for this piece. I came up with 11 numbers deemed spam calls from phone.  I then went into Audacity to generate the dial tones with the DTMF generator. I then used my dice to determine which numbers ended up on which sets of phone dial audio (I broke the numbers into three sets). I panned and varied the position of each generation as well as the duty cycle on the numbers.

I then took sets of audio into Paulstretch, where I determined a length of the piece and generated two different stretches of each set; one dry, the other with harmonics and octaves added.

With 6 tracks total, I started working with the audio in Reason.  I used the 3 dry passes to create percussion elements, then mixed into a single bus. I automated the volume fader of the bus, recording the movements live with a Novation LaunchControl.

I set up the first percussion track with an Alligator Filter then running it into a LeSpace.  I used CV control on different elements of the Alligator and LeSpace, using the Alligator’s LFO and a BZR-1.

On the second percussion track, I just used an Alligator Filter and focused on CV control of the elements of the sound with a BZR-1, a Pulsar and the Alligator’s LFO.

On the final percussion track, I used an Alligator Filter with gate control of the bands generated by three different Euclids.

With the harmonic stretches, I used two to create a bed of sound mixed into a single bus. One of the harmonic passes was sent into The Echo, followed by 3 different LeSpaces.  The second was sent into another Echo followed by two different LeSpaces.

The third harmonic pass was a bit fuller, so I used a “H4RMONY” Combinator followed by a RV7000 mk2 into The Echo.  I then recorded automation of the volume fader as I had done with the percussion bus.

For the Master FX, I again used “Peff’s Hexpressor Master Suite” with an Ozone Maximiser into a RV7000 mk2 and finally into an Audiomatic.

I made all final EQ and fader adjustments and rendered the Reason mixdown. I finally normalized the audio in Audacity.

This submission is licensed by author under CC Attribution Noncommercial Share Alike (BY-NC-SA)

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April 11, 2016 3:32 am

Fantastic sounds and a writeup to match. Sweet.

April 11, 2016 3:33 pm

That's a lot of work; result is excellent.

April 14, 2016 8:01 pm

Beautiful, and a very enlightening discussion of your process!

April 16, 2016 8:36 pm

love this

April 16, 2016 8:42 pm

this is fantastic

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