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viscous meniscus (M8)

By bryface on February 18, 2024 11:59 pm

some quick Liquid DnB.  trying to basically achieve some legit breaks sounds from scratch.  Will have to tune things even more over time.  Couldn't be bothered to do much in the way of chord progs this week.  M8 render, no samples.


holy smokes, nice drum patches! getting some jazzy vibes off the melodic parts too, groovy

those drums (especially that snare) are DELICIOUS. bassline is so good, and i love that plucky thing that comes in at the 50 second mark

Doesn't appear to need much more in the way of chords, keeps things on a funky level.

So much punch to these drums. Save some transients for the rest of us!

this beat is infectious, i love it! favorited

Beat is crazy fun and energetic, feels like racing as fast as possible.

mfw the beat came in 😵

sick tune, great instrument design

Damn that bassline is slick. Growly but smooth. Digging the erratic and fast paced drums too smile

hot damn, that beat goes hard, and the bassline is sick. Pads are super nice and smooth too. Whole mix sounds great, need more!

Wow. I thought it was going to be a half time synth pop track.  Then fuuuulll scale heccers.  Nice.  Love the pad - did you get that from RoccoW's Motif? :-P

liquiiiiiid hell yeah, insta-bounce!

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