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shrouded pulsar (M8)

By bryface on March 31, 2024 11:59 pm

Focusing on more sound design of breaks from scratch -- a specific curiosity i've had on mind to pursue ever since i got the M8.  Most of the melodic textural stuff is semi-generative.  M8 render, no samples.

Love the sound design on this... the kick and snare that pops down and back up, the swirling staccato sounds, the growly texture. Good stuff

Spacy! I like the tiny tingy sound, "nitkutus" as I would say in Finnish haha

Great tune mate!

Your percussion and bass are sharp in this one. They hold things down and juxtaposes well with the twinkly top. Nice one.

This is dope, fantastic beat with some tasty synth plucks and stabs, really enjoyed this one

That blippy synth makes me feel like all the synapses of my brain are firing all at once. It's. Awesome.

once again, wild sound design.

I love the formanty sounds around 1:08 and the acidic line that comes in after that, this is really sick.

Q U A L I T Y !

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