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musical escape room (livejam w/ Megus and bit.umen)

By bryface on February 5, 2024 12:01 am

escape room except u have 2 git gud at music 2 escape

Spent 4 hours yesterday booking a room with Megus and bit.umen just to jam with whatever instruments or gear we could bring/rent!  Every few months the 3 of us hang to chill and jam around at one of our places, but this time I wanted to have some drums to bang on.

Megus brought his electric guitar + Syntakt as well as a bevy of other small folk instruments.  bit.umen brought his MIDI guitar hero guitar controlling an Arduinoboy w/ mGB, plus his nanoloop v1/v2 carts.  As for me, i just brought my electric short-scale bass that i've been learning on.

Here's the breakdown of the excerpts:

1) 0:00-1:43: Megus was providing the throat singing and jaw harp.  Me on drums, bit.umen on MIDI guitar

2) 1:43-3:22: dubby techno nanoloop2 jam (bit.umen) with me on keys and Megus hand-playing PWM leads on his Syntakt

3) 3:22-7:16: Megus laying down some bawu (chinese flute) with me providing some organy pads on the synth we rented.  bit.umen hops onto the bass guitar near the end

4) 7:16-8:38: Some unholy 12-bar blues jam ( Me on bass, Megus on drums, bit.umen on midi guitar)

5) 8:38-9:37: midtempo liquid funk thing ( Me on drums, Megus on bass, bit.umen on midi guitar)

6) 9:37-end: Reggae/dub thinger with the mixer's onboard delay set to some hilarious amount (me on drums, Megus on bass, bit.umen with the impromptu playing of the vocal track of his phone lol)

Recorded on Megus' Zoom H4N's XY onboard mics.  we were all surprised how decent the recording quality was!

So many really cool moments here. Probably my fave is 2:20-3:00 with the weird nanoloop percussion. But also love that chinese flute that comes right after!

Jaw harp gets an instant BOOYAH from me! Wacky jam sessions is all I ever wanna do, I organized a bunch of them when I was in music school, we sometimes even had folks for the dance conservatory involved! So stoked you're keeping this kinda tradition alive dude, sounds wonderful I hope I can participate one day smile

a historic recording. Very nice moments of pleasure tones. Keep on jamming please.

I guess in this case, "weeklybeats" is a plural. tongue First section jaw harp makes a great guitar replacement, second section feels like cool PS1 game stage material, third section's mix perks up with the bass, fourth section sounds like an accordion blues jam, fifth section feels like a menu from that PS1 game, and―even though I can't make out any of the words from the phone track during the sixth section―the rhythm it lays down against everything else makes the whole thing sound rad af.

love this, was hooked from the boot chime and it kept getting better and better

Sounds like a good time overall.
- Devieus

wow this goes a lot of different places – cool to hear a more raw session like this here, along with some background in the description

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