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Drizzle Boring / Tick Tock Biden

By bothelbows on May 12, 2024 12:53 am

Lyrics and vocals by Punchable Bird:

Drizzle Drizzle Boring
Drizzle Boring

I never even heard of you till Kendrick spewed at you
His orbit is my only cue to take an easy screech at you
It's like I've had enough of you but nothing to be had of you
Money is your main claim, and that's a diss at you

No I wasn't watching Next Gen in 2002
No I wasn't falling for your handout career move
No I won't be retroactively seeing you as cool
Yeah you can be alive but please do something new
Not some AI shit, that's just a tool
to put back in the shed near your closet of lies
Simple little bitch, Snoop ended you with a sigh

Who's Drizzy? Kendrick you got whiter fish to fry
It's fine, let him try Kendrick, you're damn perfect
It's fine, let it slide, the guy's not duckworth it

Tick tock Biden, quick check the time again
Skin so loose your watch slipped off your wrist again
Another old man built wall to put your back against
Buy the time to quantify all that blood on your hands

Give us a chance please stop taking breaths in
We'll wash our hands of you, your honor's not an option
Eyes droopin to the floor, hide from what you're doin
Spend spend that money on incessant life ruinin
Fuck you and your every last lyin breath
You're a bitch and a coward and an infinite setback

in the heads of these sick men with their moving jaws
Words trickle down from above the law
Spitting in the spotlight, stuttering a claim,
swearing to a god that they're still sorta sane
as their pigs clear a campus for a walk of shame
shame shame shame shame shame shame shame shame

Couldn't quite finish this one in time for the deadline last Sunday, when diss tracks were all the rage.

I posted just the second half on IG/Facebook and it got throttled-- shown to almost nobody. What's up Meta? 

Audio works licensed by author under:
CC Attribution Share Alike (BY-SA)

Yeah! Instant fan!

haha, it's true these disses are soooo last Sunday big_smile

love that aggressive edge! heart

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