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Ohriah II: Carnifex

By Beefpounder on March 24, 2024 11:13 am

A sequel? In this economy?

I had such a good time making "Ohriah and The Evergreen" that I felt compelled to make another, and will probably continue to make further tracks around the same theme as the year goes on. I combined the fantasy sound of that first track and a more aggressive drone during the second half. Took a new approach to the drones for this one, previously I made all them with feedback manipulation from a bass guitar, and all of this song was made through Massive. It was a little tricky to get a similar sound at first but I think it came together quite well.

This is really cool! I really like how the soft relaxing feeling in the first half gives way to a really tense mood in the second half. I also like how the transition is so seamless that you don't really notice it at first and then suddenly you're in a different soundscape.

I like that this is truly a second part to the first Ohriah tune you did since it carries over the motif and expands on it, giving it more movement and  more color (at least for the first half). As I'm envisioning this 80's fantasy movie, I imagine the character is out and about in the evergreen and everything seems nice and peaceful, but then midway the camera pans further and further away and we see some cave at the edges of the evergreen, and as we pan into the cave the music starts to become sinister and we begin to see the main threat/villian/antagonist that will endanger the evergreen over the course of the movie.
Btw I think the drone portion utilizing Massive was a successful experiment. It's consistent with the type of sounds you were producing previously. It'll be interesting to hear in what ways you fuse the two approaches together in the future.

Great transition in the middle! Went from peaceful to stressful, I love the different small sounds you pick up in the background here and there!

I'm taken by 2 things when listening to this track.  Bear with me on the first - the fantasy films of the 80's you are invoking this week and last had in them a distressing often times disturbing darkness to them even though they were made for a family audience.  Your shift in tone midway through is so reminiscent of that idea, and works really well.

Secondly that shift in tone is so interesting as it modernizes the track in some ways.  The first half feels pulled straight out of that fantasy era of scores yet the second half feels modern and almost plays off the first half.  It's really cool man.  And that discordant high pitched noise as things get darker, excellent choice.

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