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Music for 4 guitars

By Ashen Simian on July 7, 2024 6:28 pm

So guitars it will be...nothing else actually! I tried to make a sort of droning raga type thing in a constant key, because I wanted to make this quick and easy. And it became more or less so, although I became interested in messing about with fx pedals and it became more dynamic. But a lots of guitars it is anyway. The first time I took my guitar out of the case this year! About time...

The guitars sound great and it's interesting to see how this still recognizably fits your style whilst employing some different textures. 

I was pretty excited to check this out, I’m a sucker for experimental stuff. Track did not disappoint!

Love this! That sorta Pink Floyd feel, while being its own thing. That loping pulse behind the track was great, loved the energy of it….and then it trails off, like light dispersing in the night. Great work.

Very taste- and soulful. A brilliant concept.

Fun listen.

I am sold, I do love guitars. That main stereo delayed "bassline" is a nice pulsing starting point.

Nice noodling around this.

this sounds great, love the groove and some amazing guitar tones as well, favorited!

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