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Week 6: Only use the sampling function

By AMD24 on February 11, 2024 1:45 pm

Happy Lunar New Year gang!

This week's self-imposed challenge was "just use the sampling function to make a track". I ended up socially and work(ily) quite busy this week so this was a "quickly chuck it under the closing door whilst I could" entry.

Samples used: tin whistle, tin whistle being hit on a plant pot, air fryer beep, air fryer frying, can ring-pull flick, air freshener spray, coffee table smack

No actual song structure, generically content with how it "sounds" though given the above source material!

very cool self-imposed challenge structure! it's like hitting the gym and focusing on different muscles, while still getting to play by working towards a track each time!

super interesting sample selection and i agree it all comes together in a way as you play with the tones and pitch and find the rhythm with fading buzz fan thing and other percussive sounds. musique concrète as they say.

and happy lunar new year! 🌘🐉

great idea

the ring pull flick was great

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