Sorry for the glitch guys. It's fixed. There was a bug in the year-end date.


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Personally I don't like copyright. But if you plan on torrenting music submitted on WeeklyBeats, you should probably filter out copyrighted material as it's questionably legal and disrespectful to the artists whom have chosen that license.


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Because you missed the deadline for week5, and you cant already have a track for Week6 (first 24 hours disabled)


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I always thought of weeklybeats as a personal challenge. Although it's a good motivator to get comments & feedback by others, I think things like likes and "who has bookmarked this" might be heading too much into the direction of a popularity contest. If you'd like, use this site to help kick you in the butt to get out new material, and use the others like facebook, twitter and soundcloud to promote yourself.

But as always we are open to ideas, just have to approach things like this with a bit of caution.

If anything maybe we should redo the number of comments on the listing to something like "None, Few, Many" as oppose to actual # number. wink

You guys have a standard tag style for your themed tracks? Should be something to do so that way it's easy to find them.. Something simple like: weekly-theme or theme-week# or just the name of the week's theme (though could get confusing with slashes etc)


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Tristan Louth-Robins wrote:

Not to have a go at anyone here, but I'm a bit averse to the whole 'like/heart/favourite/vote-up' scenario you see everywhere these days.  I think it's a little more worthwhile for the recipient to receive feedback in the form of a comment and not something that involved a solitary click of the mouse.  Whilst the sentiment might be sincere, it's just not the same as receiving some nice words.

^ Like


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New filter added to the dropdown: "Music that allows derivative works"


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This isn't 8bc. tongue


IMO ableton have one of the worst 'flex' algorithms still in V9.

Which one? There are 6 to choose from. wink
Last I checked Ableton and most other companies out there use zplane for their time stretching.

Interesting note about bitwig is they apparently rolled their own.

Nice! also, GRR. wink


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encym wrote:

Hi there,
How can I disable downloads?

By not participating. wink Disabling downloads hinders playback on the site, and attempts to hide while allowing streaming would be easily circumvented, making the option a waste of time to develop, and misleading to the artist, as it truly would not be completely disabled for downloading.


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Nope. And no it was meant to be private data.


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ntrval wrote:

i had the same thing, and was unable to upload for week three. multiple browsers, different computer, whatevz nothing worked for me. not an old machine either, brand spanking new MBP.

ntrval - try uploading again for week3. Let me know if it works. I can't think of a reason it shouldn't- and browser doesn't matter. Well, maybe on windows IE, I've never tested that one wink


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Well I've tested both FF and Chrome- they both work. It might of been a cache issue or a internet connectivity issue.