Phil Harmonic wrote:

anal cavity would be better

You mean Fartstep? wink

We need to decide this. Now!

Obscure Robot wrote:

I second the motion for drones or possibly aleatoric.

Dice, or it doesn't happen.

drones or aleatoric!!

aleatoric sounds fascinating.  im down.

Aleatoric for me. I need to dig up some dice or something.

I vote for Aleatoric. Sounds like a cool experiment! smile

There are a lot for aleatoric. Can we count on that for the next theme?

Hopefully, that sounds like an AWESOME theme.

The motion has been brought to the floor and seconded.  The "I's" for aleatoric have 5 votes, more than any other candidate.  i would think that makes it the theme.  whos in charge here anyway? :-P

Phil Harmonic wrote:

anal cavity would be better

and an sm-58 instead of a contact mic. Ouch.
My vote is for taking a title of a game and using it for a track. I have my reasons smile

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i'm jumping on board this thing.

i'm splitting my vote equally between chance music and anal cavity.

"I" for Aleatoric... or chance tune.

time to break out the graph paper and dice bag (MUAHAHAHAHAHA)  im gonna need 2d4, 1d10, 1d12, 1d20 and 4d6.... at least.

I'm in for aleatoric music. I've done quite a bit of it in the past too, and some of the pieces I did in the first few weeks are at least partially aleatoric! Fun times.

And the Aleatorics have it with 10 freakin votes!

Here's an article explaining Aleatoric music for those that are not familiar

I found this link which might help: